The Hunter's Journey

- Learn to Hunt with Ethics & Skill -

Do you want to learn how to hunt sustainably?

Are you a Beginner Hunter looking to have more success?


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We walk you through step-by-step all aspects of hunting in a sustainable & skilled way.

- Stewardship & Mental Preparation - Choosing What to Hunt - Finding Land - Acquiring & Preparing Your Gear - Learning the Skills of the Hunt - Processing Your Harvest - & Much More!

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I wasn't raised in a hunting family. This program filled in many gaps for me, and gave me some amazing tools to progress. What they are sharing is essential. This is some high level teaching, presented in a really accessible and engaging way.

— Steve Leckman, 2020 Particpant.

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This Course & Community is for You if:


You want to feel the EMPOWERMENT of harvesting meat to bring home to your family & community.


You want to hunt but believe ETHICS & STEWARDSHIP must come first.


You have never hunted before, or are a beginner hunter looking for a mentor & guide to help you grow.


You want to increase your self-reliance, eat healthy meat and be a land steward.


You want be part of an INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY open to ALL Genders, Ethnicity Groups, Religions and you support Indigenous Sovereignty & Land Rights.

How to Hunt Deer

We Will Guide You Step-by-Step Through:

  • Preparing yourself mentally to take a life & the philosophical side of The Hunter's Journey (craft your unique "Hunter's Story".)
  • How to hunt ethically, ensure you are not harming wildlife populations long-term & be a steward of the land you hunt on.
  • The legalities of hunting such as how to aquire a license, what tags you need, &how regulations work.
  • Choosing what species to hunt, with what tool (bow, cross-bow, shotgun, rifle, etc) & how to use it.
  • Learning the MANY skills of the hunt. From tracking & scouting land, to acquiring & preparing gear, to preparing your hunting spots, & more...
  • Adapting & learning as you go. What to-do when things are not working & how to adapt your plan based on what you are experiencing.
  • Processing your harvest and honoring its life in a way that feels right to you (and tastes delicious!) .
  • The annual cycle of the hunter. What to be doing in the off-season to prepare you for next seasons hunt.

Included in "The Hunter's Journey" Training & Mentor-ship:

Live Web Classes with Your "Hunting Guides," Chris Gilmour & Caleb Musgrave - Starts September 2021

The live online mentoring sessions will begin in September 2021 and run on weekday evenings (dates & times to be announced soon). The classes will be held on Zoom, be approximately 1.5 hours long, and be recorded if you cannot attend live.

The September sessions will focus on preparing for the hunt (both mentally, physically & legally). Oct - Dec classes will focus on developing all the skills of the hunt.

Each class you will be given activities to perform out in the woods to develop your hunting skills.

Live classes will be a mix of educational "stories from the field," ( Chris & Caleb will be actively hunting throughout the course), lessons to build on all of the videos & materials inside the course, student Q & A sessions, opportunities for group sharing, and activities to help you develop in your hunting journey.

Recorded Skill Videos, Workbook & Private Online Community

Many of the skills related to the hunt are better taught by demonstration. Throughout the course, we will be releasing videos to SHOW you how to implement many of the skills we discuss in the class with instructions for how you can go practice and apply them in the field.

On top of the videos, the course also includes a comprehensive workbook including items such as:

  • A hunting terminology glossary.
  • Checklists for each stage of the hunt.
  • Recommended gear lists.
  • Hunting tactics "cheat sheets," notes on processing your harvest and more.

The private online community is a place where you can ask questions, post your lessons and stories and even organize training and hunts with other students.

Guided Activities to Build Your Hunting, Tracking & Awareness Skills

In-between the live sessions, a lot can be learned to make the most of this experience. How much (or little) you spend on the assigned activities is up to you. Just attending the calls, you will still learn a lot.

If you have time for the assignments, they will take you even further in your journey.

Assignments will be a mix of research, "scouting" and practical skill building activities to perform outdoors to get you ready for the hunt and help you harvest. Activities can be applied to hunting this season. If you are not ready to hunt yet, you can perform them with a camera and even in an urban park.

Craft YOUR Personal "Hunter's Journey Story", Ethics & Strategy

Each of us is here for a different reason, interested in a different strategy or species, may use a different tool (ex: traditional bow, firearm, camera, etc.), or be at a different place in our journey and deciding on our ethics.

Some participants may be hunting this season, while others may be vegetarian and just exploring the possibility of hunting their food in the future.

The Hunter's Journey is nothing short of life-changing in how it impacts our relationship with the land, our food and ourselves. We will explore hunting ethics, land stewardship, taking life and more. You will be guided through a process to craft your personal hunting story, ethics, and strategy related to all of these.

Hunting Journal & Seasonal Calendar (Beta Versions)

This is a resource I am VERY excited about and have been dreaming up for years. It will be produced in a "beta version" and likely updated as we go.

To hunt ethically and effectively, it is essential to be tuned into nature year-round and always be learning. There are also many important dates to remember (ex: applying for tags, seasons, etc.) and preseason planning that needs to happen.

This resource will help you capture all the lessons from this season, guide you in your development, and help you plan and prepare for next season strategically and holistically.

Several Guest Instructors Sharing Their Expertise & Passion

I personally have been hunting for over 12-years now. I have developed an approach, specific expertise and strategies I use. There are lifetimes of knowledge and experience to be acquired and many different strategies. Throughout the program, various guest instructors will be woven in to share their subject matter expertise and personal experiences. See the list of guest instructors below.

Meet Your Guides:

Meet Chris...

I was a vegetarian for 8-years and against hunting at one-time. As my understanding of ecology and sustainability grew, I began to realize there was a different way to hunt than I had experienced, a "Good Way" and a sustainable way.

Hunting to me is about so many things, it is part of my identity as a human. To me, hunting is about a deep connection to the land, being part of the food chain, providing for my family while being a steward of the earth, and achieving some degree of self-reliance and independence from the modern industrial food system.

I have taught ecology and wilderness survival for close to twenty years now. I teach through stories and personal experiences. I will share lots of information but I also teach in a way that guides students to come to their own conclusions, to learn directly from nature, wildlife and themselves. That is why I call myself a "mentor" and not a "teacher".

Chris Scouting for Hunting
Stick Bow Hunting
Caleb Musgrave Canadian Bushcraft
Calen Musgrave Canadian Bushcraft

Meet Caleb.

Caleb Musgrave is a Mississauga Anishinaabe Woodsman and Hunter. He is a generational hunter who grew up learning his techniques and mindset from his father, uncle and grandparents.

In his early twenties he began branching out his hunting companions, learning new morals and philosophies that took him into an even broader perspective. 

With a background in ecology as well as archaeology, Caleb has a deep understanding of humankind and hunting.

From tracking, to traditional camouflage and scent covering tactics, to ways to make the most use of the kill, Caleb is an experienced instructor with a mental toolkit that covers a little about everything.

Why Nikki Joined the Community & Training:

How the Course Works:


Live Online Classes & Real Time Mentoring

The 2021 live online classes are where we conduct real-time mentoring. If you are not able to attend live (or if you register after the calls have started), you will have access to all the recording.

These will be a mixture of:

  • Real-time lessons and stories being shared from Chris & Caleb's hunting experiences,
  • Case studies from participants hunting experiences,
  • Additional teachings above and beyond all the recorded videos and workbooks, and
  • An opportunity to both connect with other students and ask us questions.

The live online mentoring sessions will start in September 2021.


Recorded Skill Videos

Many of the skills required of the hunter are better demonstrated. Throughout the course we will be dripping out videos on many aspects of hunting skill development. Some example of videos include:

  • Camouflage, stalking and movement skills
  • How to set-up trail camera and various types of gear
  • How to prepare hunting blinds and tree stands
  • And much more...

** You will have lifetime access to the course video library and can watch them at your own convenience.


Workbook & "Cheat Sheets"

Last year we created a "BETA" version of the workbook for this course. In 2021, we will be adding lots of updates to this priceless resource. The workbook is full of practical resources to help you make the most out of the course and your "dirt time" out in the woods.

Examples from the workbook and "cheat sheets" include:

  • A Hunting Terminology 101 List
  • Checklists for gear, preseason prep, during season reminders and harvest processing.
  • Journal templates to help you learn and adapt as you go
  • Explanations of specific tactics and concepts
  • And much more...


Private Online Student Community

This is where A LOT of additional learning happens. As we mentioned, learning to hunt is a powerful journey. Having a supportive community to capture your stories and share your experiences with is an important part of making hunting a holistic experience.

Inside the community you can post pictures and stories, share resources you come across, check out top resources posted by the instructors, ask questions and more.


Networking with Other Students

Looking for other people to go shoot with, track and scout, or hunt? Utilize the online community and live calls to network with other students near you and organize your own outings, training sessions and hunts.


Lifetime Access to all Material & the Community

As long as the course is up (hopefully for many years to come), you will have access to all the materials including the recordings of the live sessions. With this, you also get access to all future updates.

If you fall behind during the course, no sweat, you can go through the material at your own convenience.


Optional - Get 60% OFF the "Reading Natures Language" Wildlife Tracking Course

Learning to track and interpret all the signs of nature is an essential part of The Hunter's Journey. Will will cover some hunting specific tracking skills in this course, but really, this is a course in and of itself.

All students will be offered 60% of our focused wildlife tracking and nature awareness course, Reading Nature's Language.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Ethics & Stewardship
  • Preparing to take a life - Mentally & Physically
  • First Nations Hunting Land Rights
  • Hunting Safety

  • Gear Selection
  • Hunting Gear on a Budget
  • Species Ecology, Behavior & Hunting Tactics

- Deer - Grouse

- Moose - Bear

- Small Game

- Turkey

- Ducks & Geese

  • Scouting & Habitat Mapping
  • Hunting Strategy

- Bow & Gun - Stalking

- Blinds & Tree Stands

- Group/Party Hunting

  • Butchering & Processing

The Hunter's Journey

Learn to Hunt with Respect, Skill & Heart

Registration is FULL for 2021.

International Participants Welcome!

Understanding Ecology