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"Nature Call's"

Nature Awareness - Self-Reliance - Seasonal Food - Stewardship

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2021 Upcoming Sessions: (see full details lower down)

** All calls are at 8pm EST (5pm PST) unless stated otherwise.

  • Apr 1st - Sunshine Claymore - Earth Activist Training & Standing Rock
  • Apr 8th - Scott Miller - Concious Water
  • April 15 - Brandy Gallagher - OUR ECOVILLAGE
  • April 22 - Dan Gardoqui - Lead with Nature
  • April 29 - Steven Martin - Sacred Gardener
  • May 6 - Mark Morey - A Connected Leader
  • May 13 - Laura Gilmour - Wild Muskoka
  • May 27 - Carolynne Crawley - Msit No’kmaq
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This Free Web Series & Mentoring Group Will Help You:

ark Sit Spot

Relax, Unwind & Connect

In these turbulent times, connect with good people & cultivate nature connection practices that foster peace of mind, happiness & deep connection to nature & place.

Understanding Ecology

Grow Your Nature Awareness & Knowledge

Deepen your understanding of the intricate cycles & patterns of the eco-system where you. Learn to read the "story" being told in nature's tracks, signs & sounds.

Wild Muskoka Laura Gilmour

Become more Self-Reliant

Learn to be a better steward of the earth. Explore how to ethically harvest wild foods, grow food in a sustainable and regenerative way & learn ancient & modern survival and self-reliance skills.

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** When you register, you will have access to ALL the upcoming events (attendance is optional for each one) and be subscribed to the Chris Outdoors eNewsletter. Watch your inbox and "Promotions" folder for a confirmation email from Chris Gilmour. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Wild Muskoka Botanicals

Meet Your Guides...

Chris Gilmour ( ) is the creator and host of the "Nature Call's" mentoring sessions.

He has been mentoring people in ecology, wildlife tracking, wilderness survival and nature awareness for close to twenty years.

Together with his wife Laura, they run Wild Muskoka, an ethically harvested wild foods and education business.

They live on a modern-day "permaculture homestead" where they forest garden, grow food, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, wild forage from the forest and teach workshops.

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Sunshine from Earth Activist Training

April 1

Theme: Land Regeneration & Seasonal Nature Awareness

Sunshine Claymore - Standing Rock & Earth Activist Training

Sunshine is a mother from Standing Rock, a graduate from Sitting Bull College with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science, and a board member with Mni Wiconi Clinic and Farm.

As a Regenerative Land Manager with Earth Activist Training, educating others to better understand and work with natural systems is integral to her day to day life.

Sunshine is actively working to restore the land she lives on and create harmonious, pro-environmental relationships between people and the planet.

April 8

Theme: Lessons from Water

Scott Miller - Conscious Water

Scott is a sailor, great lakes surfer, and the founder of Conscious Water Canada. On top of being a distributor of Berkey Water Purification Systems, they also support amazing organizations like Water First, in working to restore ecological integrity to watersheds and collaborates with First Nations Communities to address water challenges.

Here is an exert from his website:

Once a co-guide explained to the group, “We will be drinking this river water for the next seven days.  After four days, you will feel a much stronger connection with this river because your body’s water will be completely renewed, and You Will Be 70% this river”.  His words resonated strongly with everyone as they may be for you now.  The water we consume is so extremely vital to our overall health and well-being.

Scott Miller Concious Water
OUR Eco Village

April 15

Theme: Permaculture & AWAKEN

Brandy Gallagher - OUR ECOVILLAGE

Brandy Gallagher is a founder and developer of O.U.R. Ecovillage. A designer and educator, she has worked with local and international community builders to create the 25 acres Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre.

Her life work has been focused around the development of the ‘Decolonizing of Sustainable Community.’ Brandy works with other communities to find their way through regulatory and legal processes that challenge the development of legitimate land-use models, alternative building, ownership, and governance. She provides these services through her business, “Sustainable Community Solutions Consulting – SC2”.

Most happily found knee-deep on the farm and working with youth and food systems…..and restoring justice within the collective commons!

April 22

Theme: Bird Language, Tracking & Wild Food

Dan Gardoqui - Lead with Nature

Dan Gardoqui has been sharing his passion and knowledge of nature for over 30 years with humans of all ages. Naturally curious and playful, Dan enjoys mimicking bird sounds, asking questions and challenging assumptions about nature.

Dan is a Bird Language expert - serving as science and audio editor for "What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of Nature" -  as a consultant for the permanent exhibit "A Birds World" at the Boston Museum of Science.

Dan runs Lead with Nature, where he consults, mentors and educates individuals and businesses.

He is well-known for his "Learn a Bird" series on YouTube as well as his contributions to the field of wildlife tracking and bird language. He is a Registered Maine Guide and Certified Wildlife Tracker. Dan lives with his family in the coastal foothills of Southern Maine.

Dan Gardoqui - Lead with Nature
Sacred Gardener - Steven Martyn

April 29

Theme: The Sacred Garden

Steven Martyn - Sacred Gardener

Steven has more than thirty years experience living co-creatively with the Earth, practicing traditional living skills of growing food, building and healing.

Steven released his first book The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden in 2016, and his second, Sacred Gardening, was released in June 2017.

The Sacred Gardener was chosen for our farm/school’s name because it conveys something that we feel is unique in our approach to both growing and teaching here on the farm. While there are many places, books and ways to learn about gardening or working with the Earth, there are very few that put the needs of the Earth first. This means not just thinking about production and convenience for ourselves but making the effort to step forward gently with real ecological/spiritual integrity.

May 6


Theme: Nature & Leadership

Mark Morey - A Connected Leader

Here's a central truth: we are all built for connections—to culture, community, each other, and ourselves. I've been examining the inner-workings of these connections through the lens of the natural world for my entire life.

Much of what eludes all of us can be found by placing ourselves in the quiet of nature with a guide who can show us a new way to see. This is what I've done for countless individuals as well as companies from large to small, traditional to progressive, software to human services—any organization that needs to find, hold, and amplify an uncommon level of excellence in all they do.

Mark Morey - A Connected Leader
Wild Muskoka Laura Gilmour

May 13

Theme: Wild Foods & Medicine

Laura Gilmour - Wild Muskoka

Laura is a woman of mixed British, French and Anishinaabe Algonquin ancestry born in the Niagara Region in a rural farming area.

For over 15 years she has been learning how to prepare wild foods, make her own medicines and this empowered her in her ability to sustain herself from the land she lives on.

Her business, Wild Muskoka Botanicals, is the producer of artisan wild foods and cocktail mixers. Our ingredients are locally foraged in a sustainable manner.

May 27

Theme: All My Relations

Carolynne Crawley - Msit No’kmaq

Carolynne Crawley, founder of Msit No’kmaq, meaning All My Relations, has Mi'kmaw, Black and Irish ancestry and is originally from the East Coast, known today as Nova Scotia.

Carolynne is passionate about reconnecting people with the land, waters, and all beings as there is no separation between us. From many Indigenous perspectives they are all our relations to be treated with as much love, respect, and reciprocity as we do with our human loved ones.

Carolynne leads workshops, webinars, and walks that support the development and strengthening of healthy and reciprocal relationships based upon Indigenous knowledges that decolonize existing interactions with the land, waters, and all beings.

Carolynne Crawley

What to Expect on the Live Calls

Each web call will be held using Zoom. They are designed to be both engaging and interactive (if you choose, you can also stay silent, turn off your video & observe). The sessions will be approximately 1.5 hours long and be a mixture of stories, observations, teachings and activities around the:

  • Deeper cycles and rhythms happening right now in nature,
  • Lessons in ecology, wildlife tracking, bird language, trees & plants, harvesting from the land, stewardship and more.
  • Sharing around self-reliance with an emphasis on ethically harvested and grown food.
  • Opportunities to connect & share with other participants (optional)
  • Activities to take with you into the week to deepen your nature connection and knowledge.
How to Hunt Deer

Free Web Series & Nature Mentoring Group - "Nature Call's"

Grow Your Nature Awareness, Knowledge and Self-Reliance.

* This series open to all experience levels. No prior nature knowledge is required. The teaching will also be relevant to any eco-system in the world, including the urban environment.

** When you register you will have access to ALL the upcoming events (attendance is optional for each one) and be subscribed to the Chris Outdoors eNewsletter.